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Hello All, Just a few changes!

Ok I will be attempting to go back to the original way this community was run, anyone will still be able to join, but yes membership will have to be approved, but all posts will be moderated.

I'd rather not, but we will see how it goes. Please keep in mind that acceptance will not be immediate as I do have a job and go to school as well as other commitments. But I will be approving or disapproving them ASAP.

Revised rules:
1. No LJ cuts
2. One photo per post. One photo per series/set. This is called best shot, not best shotS. So pick your favorite and post that. Feel free to link to your flickr or other photo sharing website so others can see the rest of them.
3. No ext only posts. If you have a question for/about the community feel free to ask without a photo, (if this happens a lot I will make a post specifically for people to ask questions.)
4. Photos only, Please no super heavily photoshopped images.
5. Be respectful of other members. Critique photos if others are looking for it, but don't insult them.

Please refer to the link on the info page for the criteria of how photos will or will not be rejected. :)

Also, here's a picture.
Fourth of July 2011

Also it would be great to get a little feedback on this... But would anyone be interested in doing something inspired by the photographer of the week we use to have. A list of 10-30 ideas/concepts that members can attempt. Something like "Cold" or "a composition using items x, y and z" to see each persons interpretation of the suggestions(s). Each member can do as many or as few as they like. Members would be more then welcome to make suggestions with ideas they have.
Does this sound like something anyone would want to try or would it not be worth the effort?