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A community for Photographers

Best Shot: A photo community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
BEST SHOT is now a moderated community - open only to photographers.
Anyone can join but posts will be moderated, Unmoderated posting will go to a photographer who has shown they don't need to be moderated.

1. NO LJ CUTS (this includes thumbnails and links to your photo! just show us the photo and make sure size and compression is reasonable!!)
2. One photo per post. One photo per series/set. This is called best shot, not best shotS. So pick your favorite and post that. Feel free to link to your flickr or other photo sharing website so others can see the rest of them.
3. No ext only posts. If you have a question for/about the community feel free to ask without a photo, (if this happens a lot I will make a post specifically for people to ask questions.)
4. Photos only, Please no super heavily photoshopped images.
5. Be respectful of other members. Critique photos if others are looking for it, but don't insult them.

We want to encourage a fun VISUAL community that provides a blend of information and INSPIRATION. Photos must demonstrate skills in composition and focus at a minimum and beyond!! If your photo is rejected, we did not feel it was your best work.
Please read these links for criteria if your photo has been rejected.
[Please Read!]

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